Native American Activists Fight for Plan B Access

By Sarah Mirk, Bitch Magazine and Andrew Stelzer, Making Contact

Photo from the film: Young Lakota

Photo from the film: Young Lakota

“Every other race of women in this country has access to emergency contraceptives as an over-the-counter, except for Native women,” says Charon Asetoyer, executive director of the Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center. She and other advocates are pushing the slow-moving bureaucracy at the Indian Health Service to make Plan B fully available over-the-counter for women of all ages.


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When the B Stands for Barriers

By April Corbin, LEO Weekly562905_10151676462697393_1646909612_n
After visiting more than a dozen Louisville-area pharmacies, we discover that customers more often than not still face access barriers, despite the federal court ruling in the spring allowing emergency contraceptive to be sold over-the-counter to anyone, regardless of age. Many pharmacies are still limiting access to the emergency contraceptive, FDA rulings be damned. (Full Story)

Plan B Isn’t Truly Over the Counter in Portland

By Sarah Mirk, The Portland Mercury

news2Reproductive rights advocates have waged a long campaign to make Plan B available over the counter—but are pharmacies actually making the crucial drug accessible? The Portland Mercury looks at how emergency contraception access plays out on the ground in Portland, Oregon, secretly shopping for Plan B at pharmacies citywide to see how they stack up. (Full Story)

Who’s Controlling Birth Control?

By Debbie Courson Smith, Public News Service

Albuquerque is a hotspot for the abortion access debate, with a ballot initiative to be decided next month about banning abortions after 20 weeks. Called “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance,” national advocates on both sides are carefully watching this latest tactic and first attempt to prohibit late term procedures at the city level. The controversy is overshadowing a potential game-changer when it comes to family planning: the availability of Plan B and other emergency contraception. Public News Services takes a look at what that means for New Mexico and beyond. (Full Story)

Abortion Access Under Fire in New Mexico

By Joey Peters, Santa Fe Reporterabortion-cover.widea

Meet the face of the new anti-abortion movement, a face that, as Created Equal President Mark Harrington puts it, is working to restrict abortion “in spite of Roe v. Wade.” It’s all part of a strategy sweeping anti-abortion activism throughout the nation: attack hard and go local. (Full Story)

Top 5 Roadblocks to Plan B Access

By Shae Collins, Ms. MagazinePlanB2

It took years of activism and legal action to get the federal government to make the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter, without prescription or age restrictions. Interns, staff, and volunteers from Ms. Magazine visited pharmacies in the Greater Los Angeles Area to determine the difficulty in finding and purchasing Plan B. (Full Story)

From Abstinence-Only to Plan Z

By Jordan Smith, Austin Chronicle

Photo by Jana Birchum

Photo by Jana Birchum

Texas has become ground zero in both the war on women’s health care and the nationwide defense of women’s rights. Sen. Wendy Davis’ June filibuster against radical abortion restrictions was an emotional and political watershed, but this was not the first blast in the war on women’s reproductive rights by extremists on the right, and it’s certainly not the last. Reproductive health care for young Texas women is limited, costly … or nonexistent. (Full Story)